Outpatient visit

Q. What items are needed for the first hospital visit?

Bring your health insurance card, medicine notebook, referral letter and others which can show your past medical records and medication.

Q. This is my first visit to this hospital. Do I need a referral letter?

A referral letter is not always necessary. But, if you have an image examination data CD, make sure to bring it with you. Also, if you have a referral letter of your home doctor, bring it with you as well.

Q. I will visit this hospital for the first time. Can I make an appointment by phone?

You can make inquiries by phone as the schedule of doctors may sometimes change. However, as a basic rule, making an appointment for the first visit is not available.

Q. When does reception start?

The entrance opens at 7:00AM and reception starts at 8:30AM.
If you have your patient’s ID card of this hospital, you can use the re-visit reception machine for automatic reception. After completing reception by the automatic reception machine, submit your reception sheet at the deception desk (reception starts at 8:30AM).
After submitting the reception sheet at the reception desk, wait in the waiting room. Your medical insurance card is to be checked at the reception desk.

Q. Are medical examinations and treatment available at night and on holidays?

For holiday and night medical examinations and treatment in emergency, please contact us by phone at 088-632-3328.
Special medical fields for treatment and examinations available may be limited according to the doctors on night or holiday duty.

Q. Is there a parking lot?

There is a parking lot in the west side of the hospital.

Q. Is there a smoking-area?

Smoking is prohibited in not only the building but also all sections related to this hospital.

Q. What happens, if I am late for the appointed time?

As many patients with injuries and traumas visit our hospital, we accept appointments only for pediatric patients. Please be noticed that we basically provide medical sercvices on priority basis. However, appointments for image examinations may be accepted in some cases. Please contact us for your inquiry.

Q. Is cancelation or change of an appointment available?

You can cancel or change your appointment by phone.


Q. What are necessary items to bring in for hospitalization?

Please refer to “For patients who are hospitalized for convalescent rehabilitation”.

Q. What items are available for rental at the time of hospitalization?

Please refer to “For patients who are hospitalized for convalescent rehabilitation”. Contact us for rental fees.

Q. I want to know a rough estimation of hospitalization fees.

Please contact our Medical Affairs Division (at Reception Desk on the first floor).

Q. Can I use a cellphone or smartphone in this hospital?

Please refrain from using a cellphone or smartphone as it bothers other patients.
There are no restrictions set for the use of e-mail, etc. but please be considerate of other patients.

Q. Is Wi-Fi connection available in patients’ rooms or hospital precinct?

It is allowed to bring a pocket Wi-Fi in. Please contact us for free-Wi-Fi.

Q. Is it allowed to bring snacks and meals in the hospital?

It is not allowed as it may hamper dietary care in many cases.

Q. Are there certain visiting hours designated?

The entrance of the hospital opens at 7:00AM and closes at 7:00PM. Please visit during the hours as much as possible.
When you visit to meet a hospitalized patient, make sure to come to the reception desk first. When the reception desk is closed, come to the medical staff station of the ward to tell them about your visit.
Please understand that as countermeasures against infectious disease, for those who feel sick and young children, staying in or visiting to this hospital may be restricted. Contact us by phone for the details.

Q. Are dry-cleaning services available during hospitalization?

You can use a dry-cleaning shop outside this hospital.

Q. Can you deliver flowers to a hospitalized patient?

No. We don’t provide such a service.

Q. Can I see a hospital ward?

Please obtain a referral letter of the hospital where you are currently hospitalized or other referral letters and consult us via the medical liaison room.

Nursing care insurance services

Q. Can I ask you to apply for nursing care insurance services.

We don’t provide proxy application services. Please contact Tokushima Municipal Comprehensive Support Center, etc.

Q. Would you provide family doctor’s written opinion?

We can provide family doctor’s written opinion to our patients. Please consult your care manager and request it at the time of consultation.

Q. Are home-visit rehabilitation trainings and nursing care available?

They may be available. Please consult your family doctor and care manager.

Q. Would you explain differences between Hospital Day Care, Day Service Madoka and Elderly Garden Day Care?

Hospital Day Care is a program of only short-time rehabilitation, for which making an appointment is needed and no pick-up service is available.
Day Service Madoka is a program of only rehabilitation, which provides no meals, bathing support or pick-up service.
Elderly Garden Day Care is a rehabilitation program providing all of the pick-up service, meals and bathing support.


Q. For the payment of medical consultation fees, are credit cards, transportation IC cards and QR code settlement acceptable?

VISA, MASTER, AMEX, Diners, Discover, ApplePay, LINEPay, ALIPAY, WeChatPay, SUICA, ICOCA and PASMO are acceptable.

Q. Is bank transfer acceptable for the payment of medical consultation fees?

Bank transfer is acceptable only for the payment of hospitalization fees and monthly payment of elderly care insurance. If your family lives in a distant place, automatic bill-payment may be available, so that please consult our staff at the reception desk.

Q. Till what time is it possible to pay medical consultation fees? Is it possible on Saturdays and Sundays?

It is possible till 18:30PM from Monday through Saturday at the reception desk but not on doctor’s no-consultation days.
When you visit our hospital during nighttime or on holidays, you are supposed to pay 10,000 JPY as a temporally payment. Exact calculation is conducted during business hours on the next doctor’s consultation day. Your corporation will be appreciated.

Q. When should I pay hospitalization fees?

As you will receive a payment bill at the time of hospital discharge or after 10th of each month, please make the payment without delay.

Q. Is reissuance of a receipt available?

As a principle, reissuance of a receipt due to losing it or other reasons is not available, so that please be careful not to lose it.
If you need a receipt for year-end adjustment as a proof of the payment of medical consultation fees a year, it can be reissued at the cost of 500 JPY/receipt. Please make sure to keep receipts carefully.

Q. Is ATM (automatic transaction machine) installed in your hospital?

No ATM is installed in our hospital. But, ATMs of Awa Bank, Tokushima Bank and city banks (including those in a convenience store) are available within the distance of 10-minute walk.

Other procedures

Q. My address changed. How to cope with the registration?

Please tell our staff about it at the reception desk with a document to prove your new address together with your health insurance card.

Q. I lost my patient’s ID card.

The card can be reissued at the cost of 210JPY.

Q. What are the procedures to order issuance of a medical certificate.

At the reception desk, fill in the medical interview sheet regarding the purpose, organization to submit the certificate and other necessary items and submit it. Please complete the procedures before doctor’s consultation.

Q. Are medical fees incurred in this hospital covered by worker’s compensation insurance?

Please be noted that job-related or occupational injuries are not covered by medical health insurance.
After you obtain Claim Form No.5 (Claim Form No. 6 when you change a hospital) and Labor Standards Inspection Office accepts the case as an occupational injury, you can use worker’s compensation insurance. Therefore, please understand that before the decision is made, you have to pay the treatment fees temporarily (similar to a traffic accident case).

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