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What is “convalescence rehabilitation”?

This is a ward where patients whose physical abilities have deteriorated due to injuries or diseases receive rehabilitation for the purposes of “return to home”, “return to workplace” and “prevention of bed-ridden situation”.
All our staff members including doctors cooperate with the patient’s family to support the patient to live purposefully.

Let’s try to lead a normal life with certain targets. We support you!

Flow of convalescence rehabilitation procedures

At the time of hospitalization

This is an important approach of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dental hygienists, nutritionists and counselors to know the patient. They set targets for each patient.

Home-visit for hospitalization

Our staff visits the patient’s home to check his/her daily life and living environment.

We would like to ask for the support of the family to achieve targets of the patient. In addition, before hospital discharge, we may ask the family to innovate part of the house.


Members in charge of the patient gather and discuss to make a plan for appropriate trainings and draw the comprehensive implementation plan.

Trainings to meet each target
Instructions of how to take care of the patient to family members

Family members are supposed to observe the trainings.
For trainings after hospital discharge and self-trainings, lectures are given to family members to help the patient’s walking practice and transfer.

Trainings for going and staying over-night out of the hospital

Trainings for going and staying over-night out of the hospital are conducted, targeting for hospital discharge.
We check what are difficulties and concerns in the real setting.

Home-visit before hospital discharge

Out staff visits the home of the patient with the patient himself/herself.
We instruct for living of the patient and propose supporting tools after hospital discharge.

Instructions at the time of hospital discharge We propose the use of outpatient and home-visit rehabilitation services in addition to instructions on self-trainings.
Hospital discharge

Daily schedule during hospitalization

7:00 Getting up, washing the face, brushing the teeth, and changing clothes, etc.
7:30-8:00 Breakfast
9:00-11:45 Rehabilitation program (depending on the targets of each patient)
12:00 Lunch
13:15-17:40 Rehabilitation program (depending on the targets of each patient)
18:00 Dinner
21:00 Lights-out for “good night”


Notes at the time of hospitalization

■Necessary documents for hospitalization

  1. Download】〜Inquiries for the patient to be hospitalized and the family〜

※Although you need to fill in necessary documents at the time of hospitalization, you can complete the procedures prior to hospitalization. Print out the downloaded PDF, fill in the form and bring it with you to the hospital.

■Fees to be paid

Fees for the followings should be paid during hospitalization. As for the prices, please inquire us.

※For visit haircutting and purchase of swimwear, nursing care goods, walking aids, designated companies are introduced.

■Items to be provided during hospitalization

Electrically-powered remote-controlled bed, electronic thermometer, card-system liquid crystal TV, TV remote controller, cooling locker, bedding (thick and thin blankets, mattress, pillow, sheets, pillow cover, other covers), wheelchair, walker, electrically-powered lower limb exercise machine (CPM), walking sticks
※Compensation and tender money should be paid for the items in case of damage or loss

■Other important matters

Please refer to “Guide to hospitalization

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