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Flow of first visit procedures

Make sure to bring your health insurance card with you.
〇Be careful that you have to pay all the amount in cash if you forget to bring your health insurance card.
〇Health insurance does not cover traffic accidents, occupational injuries and health check-ups.
〇If you have a referral letter of another healthcare institution or X-ray films, submit them at the reception desk before doctor’s consultation.
〇You may be asked to show your identification card at the reception desk.

At the reception desk Reception hours are 8:30AM-11:00AM and 13:30PM-17:30PM.
※Please be noted that the end of reception hours is different for each medical department.
Immediately tell us if bleeding doesn’t stop, you have an injury, or you have fell or fallen.
Tell us if you have symptoms such as fever, vomiting or diarrhea.
Tell us at the reception desk if you need a wheelchair or bed.
After completing all the procedures at the reception desk, fill out the medical interview form.
First visit reception desk At the first visit reception desk, outpatient registration is done, and a medical record and a patient’s ID card are made.
If you have medical information documents, submit them to the desk.
Please wait after completing the procedures.
First visit reception First, an expert staff member judges if it is an emergency case or not based on the symptoms and progress of the disease and then introduces you to the appropriate medical department and treatment site.
Please wait for doctor’s consultation.
Doctor’s consultation Submit your reception sheet to a receptionist.
Wait till your name is called in the medical department booth.
Please be noted that you may be asked to take several examinations such as blood test, urinary test and X-ray before doctor’s consultation based on the medical interview.
Completion of consultation In some cases, doctor’s consultation of another department, rehabilitation and hospitalization may be needed.
If such an instruction is given by a doctor, please feel free to ask our staff, so a nurse will guide you to the place.
Payment counter

When your name is called, please complete your payment at the payment counter.
Receive a receipt and a prescription sheet.

Regarding payment, the following methods are available as well as cash, as of the end of May, 2019. Since they are accepted even for a small-amount payment, use them for the payment for your family member’s hospital visit and hospitalization fees as well.

  • Credit cards (VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, Diners, Discover)
  • Transportation IC cards(Suica, Icoca, Pasmo, etc.)
  • Smartphone QR code settlement (ApplePay, Alipay, WeChatPay, LINEPay)
Pharmacy Prescription drugs are prepared in an insurance dispensing pharmacy located outside of the hospital.
Submit the prescription you have received from the hospital and receive your medicines.
※Medicines may be prepared in-house according to the direction of a doctor.


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